Sticky Toffee Pudding


I often swing back and forth on the introvert/extrovert pendulum. I enjoy sitting on my couch, in my sweatpants, watching The Bachelor (don’t start), equally as much as I like going out and being in the company of others. Could I be equally introverted AND extroverted? Continue reading


Dark Chocolate, Pomegranate and Almond Tart

Dark Chocolate, Pomegranate and Almond Tart |Rivka's Kitchen

The other day I was cleaning my kitchen and in order to expedite the process, I found that my best plan of attack would be to eat everything and anything in eye’s view and arm’s reach. Thus, the idea for this tart was born. Continue reading

Mango Lime Cupcakes


The last few weeks, Israel has been facing some tumultuous times, to say the least. By voluntarily choosing to live here, I proudly stand behind Israel’s right to exist, especially as a peaceful country. I try my hardest to stay out of political debates, as I believe I am not knowledgeable enough nor can I fully wrap my head around the surrealness of the situation. Continue reading

Plum and Cherry Hazelnut Tart



Last week, life unexpectedly threw me a lot of plums. What I mean by life is my boyfriend and by unexpectedly I mean that I asked him to bring me several plums from his family’s farm. He ended up bringing four full containers which roughly came out to being 200 pieces. These were the perfect kind of plums, dark reddish, sweet, juicy and slightly tart. After eating around fifty of them, I started to think about what I could do with the rest. Continue reading

Roasted Cauliflower

IMG_3024 Eyal Shani is totally nuts. As an Israeli celebrity chef, I have watched him wax philosophical about tomatoes for 20 minutes straight while judging a dish on Master Chef. I have read his menu at his restaurant North Abraxas, in which he describes a chicken that was caught on a special farm and then left in a pot overnight. What? Continue reading