Dark Chocolate, Pomegranate and Almond Tart

Dark Chocolate, Pomegranate and Almond Tart |Rivka's Kitchen

The other day I was cleaning my kitchen and in order to expedite the process, I found that my best plan of attack would be to eat everything and anything in eye’s view and arm’s reach. Thus, the idea for this tart was born. Continue reading


Pumpkin Muffins with White Chocolate Cream Cheese

Pumpkin Muffins with White Chocolate Cream Cheese | Rivka's Kitchen

Forgive me for saying this, but pumpkins are currently having a moment. I know, I KNOW, this has been happening for a while now and maybe I’ve only started to notice this now because I haven’t been living stateside for over five years. What’s important to focus on is that there is no ignoring the pumpkin and my mixed feelings about its quick rise to fame. Continue reading

Mini Salted Caramel Apple Pies


To forgive or be¬†forgiven is not a dilemma we are often faced with. Unless, there was a lot of alcohol involved the night before and you don’t remember exactly who is at fault. Whatever. Does everyone around here watch the Mindy Project? If yes, then we probably have a lot to talk about and laugh about and most likely become best friends about. If not, then you can stop reading and go watch the show in its entirety. Come back when you’re done. Continue reading

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread


In the second installment of Bitches in the Kitchen, we are going to discuss a phenomenon I like to call: investing numerous hours into baking something very elaborate only to have left it on the counter and come home later to find that your dog has eaten it. We’ve all been there right? And could I really blame her? This is probably one of my favorite things that I have baked – ever. It’s so good that I am going to forewarn you all that you should not make this bread if you have no one to share it with. You will eat it all. Or your dog will eat it all. Continue reading

Lemon Bars with Brown Butter Crust


A list of my favorite dessert ingredients as follows:

  • Lemon curd

Yeah, that’s it. I freaking love lemon curd. It started out as a mild flirtation between us. Lemon meringue pie was always my favorite type of pie, but our relationship really started to blossom when I began to make it at home. I couldn’t keep my hands off of the stuff, finding ways to incorporate it into everything I was eating. I especially enjoyed the quiet moments when we sat together, alone on the couch, and I could eat it by the spoonful. Okay, so maybe that was a sign that things were moving too quickly between us, maybe it was time to take a break. FINE. Continue reading